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SFC is a leading football academy in Hyderabad, that bestows world-class football coaching and international grade facilities to enable passionate players become professional footballers and pursue their dreams. Our scientifically designed integrated programs deliver high-performance in football training and build champions that last! Our certified football coaches adopt a training regimen that enhances the players' speed, power, flexibility, balance, coordination, endurance and much more to add strength to their determination to stand as winners.

Sreenidhi Football Club

Sreenidhi Football Club aims to create sincere, altruistic and perseverant footballers and people. Our players develop and become assets to the society in productive and fully functional ways. We understand that the game of football is all about the complete development of the player, not just physical attributes. The player should cultivate mental, emotional, and ethical skills to become successful on and off the field. SFC’s unique and scientific football programs provide holistic football training to help athletes realize their professional ambitions. The coaches of SFC are AIFF/AFC certified with extensive experience in playing and coaching.

Sreenidi Deccan Football Club

The lush green campus, state-of-the-art facilities, world-class football courts and the nurturing environment at SDFC help players reach their fullest potential. The well rounded club is a dream come true for all the football aspirants. The club is dedicated to making football the next big sport in India and provide the players with an opportunity to compete at the national and international level. The club has been​ granted the right to play in the Hero I-League from 2021-22 onwards. The club provides residential football programs and scholarships to eligible players. At SDFC, football is considered a language people speak, a religion people follow and a way of life, people love and live.

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SDFC is excited to appoint Fernando Santiago Varela as its new head coach!

Sunil Bathala

Sunil Bathala, our own Academy Player makes it to the First Team of the I-League


Turf Ground

Sreenidhi Football Club ground – The first 11-A-side artificial grass football ground of Fifa pro quality


Goal Keeper


Goal Keeper

Muthu-Irundu Mayakkan-img

Defensive Midfielder

Fixtures & Results

Latest Results

7 - 0
abbas union
January 25, 2020
5 - 0
abbas union
February 1, 2020
0 - 0
February 14, 2020
0 - 3
royal united
February 23, 2020



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Technical Director's Message



  • ” Well, after joining SFA, the club has given me knowledge about the tactical basics and techniques of football. My academics were assured by sending me to school, morning tuitions, & of course, every player has the same privilege.
    We have regular practice sessions, but, unfortunately, because of the pandemic; we could not travel or take part in most competitions, including the Hero I league.
    If you are an aspired kid, who wants the best out of yourself, this is the place to be! “

    U15 Elite team player
  • ” This is a great opportunity for the kids to be able to participate and play with other kids. Playing in this league would be a great experience for kids of Under-13. I wish all the kids “All the best!”. I’m hoping Sreenidhi Football Club is really going to become the best team and create champions, while creating role models for others to follow by promoting football as an enjoyable sport as well as encourage an active lifestyle. My best wishes to the club and the players! “

  • “Hi. My son Swaraj has taken part in the Hero I-League trials for football here at Sreenidhi Football Club. It’s really a wonderful place with an exceptional soccer field. Sreenidhi has taken good care of the kids in all aspects. There are many players taking part in the trials. I wish all the players “All the best!”.

  • ” Hi! I live in Hyderabad. I came for the SFC selection for the boys. My son is giving the trails for U-15. It’s been a wonderful experience being on this lovely campus. I have another son, who is taking part in U-18. It’s wonderful to see SFC’s infrastructure and passion for football. Yesterday, the Chairman shared SFC’s ambitious vision for the future. Wishing all the boys “All the best!”. There’s a long way to go for the teams and the players. “

  • ” Hi! My son plays a lot of football. He has been in love with football since the 2014 World Cup. Now, Sreenidhi is organising these selections for U-18. It is fantastic and offers a lot of opportunities for young kids. Every player and team is being carefully guided by Sreenidhi staff and coaches. Players get world-class exposure to national and international level football. As my son has already played in international tournaments such as U-13 championships in “Spain “, I believe that playing at SFC adds a lot of value to his profile as a football player. I’m confident that Sreenidhi takes good care of the players and takes them to next level. Thank you, Sreenidhi! “

  • ” Hi! I’m from Hyderabad. Sreenidhi Football club has given a wonderful opportunity for kids in Hyderabad to practice and master the skills of football. It really empowers kids to excel in a professional football career. I thank Sreenidhi for creating such a world-class infrastructure energized by top national and international coaches. It will really upgrade the skills of our kids. Thank you! “

  • ” Hello, everybody. My son has come here for U18 selections. I see that the football club has well-trained amazing coaches. The ground and infrastructure look quite good. Sreenidhi has done a great job by providing scholarships and encouraging aspiring players. I’m very happy. I’m confident that my son’s team will make it to the SFC team. Thank you. “

  • ” Hi, everyone. I’ve come to Sreenidhi Football Club for my son, Atharva Gurapu’s selection. He is 14 years old.

    I feel that the facilities here are fantastic and international standard. I haven’t seen this kind of high-quality playground and stadium in Hyderabad. The coaches are fantastic and the entire facility is excellent. I see a lot of kids and so much positive energy here.

    It is very well organized and the way they’re doing the selections is truly professional. I wish the Sreenidhi Group a huge success in the coming future. “

    Raghava Gurapu
  • ” Hello. I would like to thank Sreenidhi for this opportunity given to our guys.

    We’ve traveled all the way from Nagpur for this trial. Two guys and I from a small club in Nagpur were always looking forward to playing here.

    Thank you. “