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In response to the bright prospects for football in India, many coaching institutes are coming up that train the interested candidates to become certified football coaches or master other trades needed for football academies. With AIFF taking a strong initiative to popularize football in India, the institutes that train aspiring coaches to become effective coaches are on a rise. You can learn any skill that is valued at a football academy through AIFF-certified courses in specialized institutes.
The recent emergence of premier leagues along with celebrity franchises, high-profile sponsors, and international players to the Indian football landscape has taken the stakes higher for everyone involved. Indian football league system is on a meteoric rise in which Indian Super League (ISL) and Hero I-League are the top leagues. Driven by competitive spirit and lucrative contracts, the Indian football league franchises are striving for perfection in every aspect of their endeavors.
Football coaches with various skills along with special kinds of expertise are essential for the success of football clubs. Major types of coaches needed for performing players in a reputed football club include – Technical Coach, Strength Coach, 
Various courses offered by All India Football Federation(AIFF)

The AIFF/AFC Coach Education offers various levels of Certification/Diplomas to cater to the needs of mainstream courses

AIFF E Certificate
It is an introductory course that is conducted in 4 days. Besides coaching kids of 6-12 years of age, the course content will also be on Golden Baby Leagues and Futsal.

AIFF D Certificate
This is a preparatory course conducted by the All India Football Federation. Introductory courses are educational means, used as a ‘recruitment’ tool to select promising future Coaches for the AFC C Diploma. Register here to apply for D license course

AFC C Diploma
The course aims to train Coaches and develop their basic techniques and skills in football. It is designed to educate coaches, to plan, organize and deliver training sessions. Coaches are guided to develop and work on their moral behavior and lifestyle. Adequate training is also provided for the protection of children, on and off the field. The course lasts 12 days divided into 2 modules and requires both the Practical and Theoretical sessions. Students are assessed on their Practical coaching abilities, knowledge of the Laws of the Game, and learning and understanding of the Theoretical contents of football during the course

AFC B Diploma
This course is for Coaches who already have the ‘C’ certificate. The course is designed to educate coaches in developing a playing style, planning individual, group and team preparation. It will also help coaches to understand coaching during training and matches. The duration of the course is 19 days divided into 3 modules

AFC A Diploma
The course is designed to educate Coaches in tactical and technical requirements, leadership qualities, management, player identification, and teaching physiological and psychological needs of the player. Duration of the course is 24 days divided into 3 modules

AFC Pro Diploma
This course is for Coaches who hold the ‘A’ Diploma as a minimum requirement. It is designed to teach the highest and latest standards for Club and National Team levels. The course aims at producing Coaches at the highest level and identifying future Instructors.