Residential Football Program

Sreenidhi Football Club’s Residential Program is intended to all players between the ages of 11 and 18 years who aspire to reach their full potential.

A full-time team of professional Indian and International Coaches, work under dedicated departments for Performance Analysis, Goalkeeper Coaching, Player Recruitment, Medical and Sport Science/Strength & Conditioning to support the players’ development as individuals and as football players under a professional environment.

The program has a minimum of 8 sessions per week which includes practical and theoretical sessions and largely focuses on Technique, Tactic, Physic and Psychological development of the players.


Individual Ball Control

  •  A repertoire of technical moves and confidence on the ball.

Ball Control Skills

  • Under pressure, at high speed, when tired, under threat from the opponent

Technical Skills When Moving:

  • controlling the first pass
  • dribbles, feints, various types of crosses
  • follow-up (head, feet) and finishing
  • direct play (one or two touches)
  • Speed of execution while moving (making the right choice quickly).


Tactical-Technical actions in game situations /
Integrating the player into the team

  • The technical qualities of defense and attack in a game situation
  • Cognitive skills (tactical awareness), individual tactical behavior
  • Rapid transitions from defense to attack and vice versa
  • Playing in zones, based on tactical understanding
  • Set pieces.



  • Optimal physical preparation
  • General and specific athletic and physical foundations
  • Injury prevention
  • Monitoring the performance level
  • Taking into account the physical development and age.


Mental attitudes to perform

  • Players’ mental preparation
  • Awareness of the psychological factors that influence performance
  • Training of mental aptitudes on the pitch: concentration, attention, discipline,
    self-confidence, will, perseverance, aggression, controlling emotions, determination,
    driver for improvement.
  • The means to improve players’ mental strength

What We Provide

  • Accommodation in Dormitory.
  • Food.
  • Sports Insurance.
  • Medical Care.
  • Professional Football Training.
  • Access to World Class Football Facilities.
  • Local Transport.
  • Daily Tuitions.
  • Exposure To Competitions In India & Abroad.
  • Uniforms.

To join our Club or for more information please reach us on +91 99120 44414 / +91 7997996391  or

You can also contact us using the online contact form  or register through our online registration form.