The entire community of Sreenidhi Football Club will work relentlessly to ensure that our members receive the highest quality of training. Our programs will be characterized by rigor and relevance, and will set our members a part from the ordinary.


The Process of learning to become a footballer extends beyond the club, and the Sreenidhi Football Club will attempt to install in our members the ability to think analytically, demonstrate flair, and show sensitivity to issues of flair-play. We will also pay special attention to ethical compliance with the rules and spirit of the game.

Member Success

We are mindful of the fact that member success is the ultimate measure of the Sreenidhi Football Club’s effectiveness. We will have a vibrant system in place to track the performance of our members as well as our alumni, and will use the data to calibrate and refocus our efforts to improve.

Diversity & Equal Opportunity

The Sreenidhi Football Club will be welcoming and nurturing all aspects of diversity, be it in our member population, our coaches, or our staff. We will not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity or financial ability, and our club will be a safe space for members and employees of all circumstances.


We recognize that ultimately, our members and employees are citizens who possess the potential to transform their surroundings for the better. We will do our utmost to improve our surroundings, by offering our state and our country the best football talent. 


We build trust through loyalty, honesty, ethical standards and fairness. The Sreenidhi Football Club prides itself on the integrity it shows in all its dealings. It adheres to and expects all those involved to show the very highest moral and ethical principles, and to make decisions for the benefit of the Club.   


We work together collaboratively to achieve our strategy in a spirit of cooperation and support, valuing each other skills and contributions. It is our aim to unite all people involved in the Club. We will all strive to work together to achieve  Sreenidhi Football Club goals. “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” African proverb.