Sreenidi Deccan Football Club

What is Level-1 football coaching?


SFC’s Programme or Level-1 coaching (according to England football), is the first step of a coaching course in India. This coaching programme includes the foundation-level skills and methods for the inspired kids from the ages of 5–12. 

Our Programme course structure benefits learners and prepares them for competing within the junior clubs. During the learning program, we will make the aspiring players acquaint themselves with the practical and theoretical aspects of playing football. SFC’s foundation level coaching develops comprehensive football knowledge and skills in a safe, fun, and creative environment.

SFC implements a scientific and innovative coaching system: 

  • SFC provides players with the opportunity to create their own unique playing style, while developing skills and qualities required to become a complete player. Players will learn about the different ways of mastering football skills in an engaging and positive learning environment.
  • Enable players with the technical and tactical knowledge of the game, which helps them perform confidently at major competitions. This training process will also help the players in recognizing the suitable balance of planning, implementing, and reviewing strategies as part of their role in the game
  • Players will clearly understand the importance of building relationships with other players and the crucial role that team-spirit plays throughout their development journey. SFC will help players make the best use of the resources available in order to learn in a positive learning environment.

In the summer of 2021, we introduced a new football coaching course, which is being launched to replace the FA Level 1 in Coaching Football qualification. This updated and upgraded coaching system uses advanced scientific and technological processes to prepare the players for the future of football. With this new system, we intend to make India a major football-playing country and produce champions capable of winning top international tournaments.

With this innovative coaching system, we have set up a wholesome stage for the players to achieve their life’s dream of excelling in the beautiful game of football. Football is getting prime attention in India from all the stakeholders – parents, students, youth, and society at large. Soon, the game of football is going to reach a level of excitement in India, similar to what cricket enjoys today. 

SFC believes that football is about the complete development of the player, not just physical abilities. The player should cultivate mental, emotional, and ethical skills to become a true football player. We equip the youth to play the game of football to enhance cooperative abilities and promote comprehensive health. 

SFC Coaching Football program offers best-in-class football for youth to realize their professional ambitions. Our unique football training methodology provides a nurturing environment so that aspiring player can feel empowered to follow their passion for football. We provide ample competitive platforms for the players to boost their confidence and inculcate the values of teamwork and fraternity.